Ridgway, Colorado Wedding // Carolyn & Tim

I’ll always remember this wedding day with Carolyn and Tim! First off, I have to say these two are some of the coolest humans I’ve ever met! They’re so adventurous and are constantly hiking a new mountain peak or skiing down the slopes. They actually got married on top of Mount Snuffles in Colorado and then this day was their big celebration with friends and family to make it official! What’s cool is they got married at Top of the Pines in Ridgway, Colorado which is under the peak they got married on top of and it’s also their favorite peak. The meadows of this venue look out to Mount Snuffles so it was a really special place for them to get married and celebrate with their loved ones.

We were worried about the weather all day because this weekend in Colorado was super rainy even though we were in the middle of August. We definitely didn’t expect to worry about rain during the summer but I guess you never know what to expect when it comes to Colorado weather. For the first half of the day, the weather was perfect! The sun was out and we were able to get so many shots in! We got all the getting ready shots, the first looks, their private vows to each other, their wedding party pics and their family photos! We even got a lot of amazing pictures with their favorite peak in the back because the clouds had parted for a short time! That time was really such a blessing because we were able to get so much in and make sure we got them a lot of pictures with their favorite mountain. I’m really grateful we at least got that!

Unfortunately soon after those pictures, the rain started. It started slowly, and we kept pushing the ceremony back with hopes that it would stop eventually. But the rain just got worse and worse. It poured more than I’ve ever seen, and it was impossible to get married in. They eventually made the tough decision to move the ceremony inside the pavilion. But you know what?? I’ve never met more positive humans in my life! Everyone rallied around them and made that ceremony and reception afterwards the most FUN and positive time ever. Everyone cheered them on, and smiled throughout the whole thing. I was truly so impressed and amazed with their guests and was SO impressed by Carolyn and Tim’s positive spirits. In the end it just proves what’s most important–who you surround yourself with. It truly made all the difference and it’s a moment I’ll never forget!

The rest of the day was in the pavilion but eventually the rain did clear and the clouds finally parted after dinner. So we ran (and I mean RAN) to the meadow down below to get some final sunset shots with their favorite mountain peak. I’ll never forget the joy in that moment with all of us running through the rain soaked meadow-mud flying everywhere-just SO excited the clouds had parted. We got some amazing sunset and blue hour photos in the meadow and were so so happy. It was so beautiful. They danced the rest of the night away in that pavilion and all that mattered was that they were finally married and had all their favorite people with them.

This day is one I won’t forget anytime soon. I’ll always be so impressed with these two and so so grateful I got to meet them and document their day!

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