HI, I’M Ashlyn

I'm old soul based in the beautiful state of Utah! I've lived here most of my life & also lived in Colorado for almost 5 years! I'm a huge mountain lover so both states have my heart!

I married my very best friend in 2020 in the mountains which fits us SO well!! I love anything & everything outdoors!! So if you want an adventure I'm your girl!! I'm a lover of pine trees, overcast weather, Gregory Alan Isakov and the Lumineers, hot coco year round, good books, true crime podcasts, & documenting life! When it comes to personality I'm a yellow & a major BLUE. I feel everything so deeply which is why I love this job so much. It makes me feel like nothing else, and I'm so passionate about telling stories through images. This life is so beautiful, each experience is meaningful, and I'm so honored I get to document some of the most meaningful experiences we can have for others.

I've been shooting weddings full time for 6 years now but I've had a camera since I was 8 years old so it's always been my greatest passion. I think my little soul knew even then that I had a need to document this Earth and the stories it holds. Being a traveling wedding photographer is my literal dream job & there is nothing else I'd rather do in this life!!

When you book me you aren't just getting pretty photos--you get ME. My whole heart goes into documenting one of the most important times of your life & telling your story. I promise we have fun when shooting & afterwards I'll be your new insta friend for life!!


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A little about me

Learn a little more about me & what inspired me to become a photographer 


A photograph is pure magic

I truly believe a photograph is pure magic. I mean think about it!! A camera can literally freeze a moment in time. Forever. I can't explain it in any other way than pure magic & my greatest passion.

This life is full of soul-stirring, heart pounding, & incredibly beautiful moments. I feel honored that I can give you tangible memories, moments & emotions to hold onto forever. I feel honored that I get to capture love stories for a living in the most beautiful places. It makes my soul so incredibly happy & fulfilled!

Comfort is also SO important in order to capture real & raw emotions! I'm your friend from the beginning & make shooting fun & easy. I do all I can to make you guys feel at ease so we can truly focus on capturing your magic love story!


feelings & emotion inspire me. The Earth inspires me. Life itself inspires me.

I LOVE adventure. I love the mountains & the outdoors. I love showing how beautiful & grand this Earth is through my photos.

Emotions are inspiring to me. I do photography because it makes me FEEL something. It is my creative outlet & my greatest passion. Being able to document emotion & YOUR most valuable moments is an honor. Love is such a beautiful emotion that we get to feel & I want my photographs to help you relive that feeling of falling in love every time you look at them.

I'm also SO inspired by life in general. It is such a crazy, beautiful, emotional, incredible rollercoaster we ride. I'm inspired by the soul-stirring moments, the incredibly simple moments & everything in between. I'll give you tangible memories & moments of all kinds that you can hold onto forever. 

Rain or shine I'm here for you

When you book me I'm 100% invested in YOU & telling your story!! Making sure your experience is fun & making sure you are taken care of is my top priority!! I'll do whatever I can to make your wedding day as stress free as possible!

I'll get all your special moments! You getting ready, first looks with your dad, with your mom, with your bridesmaids...whatever you need!! I look for those small moments to document as well because those are just as meaningful! Every moment is special on your wedding day no matter how small & I promise to document all of that for you!

I will direct all the photos, bring bobby pins if your veil keeps falling out, bring you drinks if you need, give you a piggy back ride over mud, laugh with you & feel with you. I'm your girl & will do whatever I can to help!!

a little more about me

One of my very favorite things (well a person lol) is my husband!! He's my very best friend & soul mate. I truly couldn't imagine my life without him! We got married in 2020 during the crazy pandemic & I totally understand the VALUE your wedding photos have. When you find the one, every photo is so dang special.

When I'm not shooting and traveling (which is 70% of the time haha) I'm usually hiking, reading a good book, hanging with my cute golden retriever Forrest or spending time with my family & friends. I LOVE chocolate, sushi, any kind of seafood, pink drinks from Starbucks & dogs haha. I also LOVE to travel with all my heart. I need it to feel alive, & It makes me SO happy. There is no feeling quite like traveling & discovering new places. It's pure magic. Which is why I get SO excited when I get to travel for weddings!! Two of my greatest passions mixed in to one!! I'm truly the luckiest girl to call this my job!!

That's a little more about me--your adventurous wedding photog!! I truly love connecting with other people & hearing people's stories. I hope you can feel how passionate I am about this job & how important you are to me when you book with me. Telling stories is an honor & documenting this life is an honor. If you're ready to book with me--shoot me an email!! I can't WAIT to meet you!!

Let's go on an adventure & create some magic




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