Rome City Shoot // AnnaGrace and Chance

I’ll always love this shoot in Rome!! I happened to be traveling to Rome at the same time AnnaGrace and Chance were so AnnaGrace reached out to book a shoot together! It was SO fun and I absolutely loved meeting them! We shot at sunrise (definitely the best time to shoot in Rome to avoid the crowds) and pretty much had every spot to ourselves…well besides the Trevi Fountain haha. That spot is crowded no matter what, but it’s MUCH better in the mornings!

Anyways we started at the Trevi Fountain and then walked to the Spanish Steps! They’re super close to each other and a short walking distance. The steps were beautiful and then we walked the streets around the steps to finish up!

I genuinely love Rome SO much and I’m beyond grateful I’ve had the opportunity to shoot there so much! I’m headed back again in May of 2024 and I couldn’t be more excited! Rome will always be so special to me.

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