Yosemite Adventure Shoot // Kaila and Billy

I honestly have no words for how magical this session was and how much I LOVED my experience with Kaila and Billy in Yosemite. This was my first time visiting and shooting in Yosemite and it was everything I thought it’d be and more! I can’t even explain how beautiful it is there and how it feels to walk around those fields with all the majestic mountains and ridges surrounding you. It made me realize how small we are, and how big this world is and how blessed we are to live on such a beautiful planet!

Kaila had reached out to me and booked this adventure bridal shoot almost a year in advance! They got married in Philadelphia but were planning their honeymoon in Yosemite and wanted an adventurous bridal shoot there! I was so honored they asked me to document their time there and was so so excited for the shoot! Right when we met, these two felt like instant friends. They are so easy going and fun and we had SO much in common! They’re both amazing humans and I feel so grateful I got to meet them. The shoot was SO fun and happy, it felt like magic. It just felt like running around the fields of Yosemite with good friends of ours and that’s truly when I thrive the most as a photographer! I couldn’t ask for anything more and was just so happy! We started in some amazing fields near the village and then ended at the canyon overlook for sunset! The COLORS on the ridges during sunset were unbelievable! It was pure magic and so so beautiful! We took a lot of time to just sit there, watch the colors change on the valley below, and soak up everything. I’m so so excited about the pictures we got and I think I’ll be posting these forever and ever. This shoot is truly one of my favorites of all time and I feel so grateful for this experience and the time I got with Kaila and Billy in Yosemite!!

Yosemite–I’ll be back! Always.

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