Intimate Washington Wedding // Katie and Caleb

I’ll always love this day! If you check out my blog post right before this, it’s about our morning shoot up at Artist Point! We started Katie and Caleb’s wedding day off with a sunrise shoot up at the most beautiful spot! After that, later in the day, I went to the lake house they had booked on Lake Goodwin. It was SO beautiful! I was amazed by the views and the colors! The ceremony was on the little boat dock at the house and the dinner was right on the lawn next to the lake. It was so peaceful watching the sun go down after these two had gotten married with the waves lapping on the shore. The light just got softer and better and the night felt like magic. The pictures will always bring me back to this night! Everyone was so happy and really enjoying their time together. Katie and Caleb are total gems and have such a happy relationship. I’m SO grateful I got to take their pics and be a part of such an intimate, happy day. Days like these are why I love my job!

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