Rome, Italy Couple Shoot

This shoot was a DREAM!! Isabel and Daniel chose to get married in Rome and I’m obviously so happy they did!! The morning of their wedding we woke up and did a sunrise shoot at some amazing locations around Rome! We started at Trevi Fountain and I’m surprised that we were able to get some space and get lots of shots without people or shots that were easy for me to photoshop! I got so many questions about how we got shots with no people haha but photoshop was definitely my best friend when editing this shoot! After the Trevi Fountain we walked to the Spanish Steps and they were stunning!! It was so fun to actually be there let alone shooting such a dreamy couple there!! Isabel and Daniel are seriously so fun and easy going and also total babes! I had the best time taking their pics in ROME!! Truly the peak of my career and life honestly haha it was such an honor!

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  1. Soulseeker says:

    Love, love, love it!