Our pictures at Chautauqua Trailhead in Boulder

This is my first blog post showing my face and showing me and my husband!! I figured my blog should also show our travels and adventures too and then anyone coming to my website can follow along and get to know me even better! This past weekend I had a beautiful wedding in Morrison, Colorado. My husband and I drove down a day early so we could explore and so I could show him around! Growing up I lived in Colorado near Boulder for almost 5 years and it holds a special place in my heart. It’s so beyond beautiful and I’m obsessed with the layers of mountains and quaint mountain towns everywhere! My family spent so much time up in the mountains and also in Boulder which is where I brought my husband! I showed him Pearl Street which was always one of my favorite places to go to cause it’s so unique, quaint, full of energy and so fun to walk down! I also showed him Chautauqua Park and Trail because my family came here ALL the time. It is so special to me and holds so many memories! I made sure to bring my tripod so we could get some pics together and I also got some portraits of myself. It’s just so surreal to finally have my own pictures here after coming here so often growing up! Little did I know the little business I was gonna start would bring me consistently back to my second home in Colorado. I feel SO grateful! Can’t wait to show you the wedding I had in Morrison this weekend because it was AMAZING!

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