Moab Intimate Wedding // Ava and Parker

This wedding was amazing!! Ava and Parker got married at Dead Horse Point in Moab, Utah and boy was it an adventure!! When my husband and I got to the park it was POURING. It was insanely windy too so I was worried about what we were gonna do! I got to the visitor center and we talked for a little while trying to decide what to do! (PS Ava got ready in the visitor center bathroom!! Such a fun memory haha) After a while we just decided to go for it! The rain had almost stopped and the wind had died down a bit! Everyone got to the ceremony spot and as Ava was walking down the aisle all the rain stopped!!! The wind and rain literally stopped until we finished their bridals after the ceremony, it was the PERFECT window and such a miracle!! After we took some bridals after the ceremony and got back to the visitor center a double rainbow was arched across the whole sky!! It was insane!!! I’ve never seen a double rainbow and I totally believe it came out just for these two!! I RAN to where they were at the visitor center and got some pics of them with the last bit of the fading rainbow. It was unreal! I’ll always remember this adventurous amazing wedding!!

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