Wildflower Couple Session // Matt and Carli

This spot is one of my alllll time favs!! It’s so incredibly beautiful and feels like you’re in Switzerland!! For about 2 weeks in the summer this place gets the most amazing wildflowers and it’s unreal! It’s really sad though because they’ve been taken for granted and trampled on for years and years. The rangers there had to finally start enforcing permits for photographers because so many weren’t respecting the location and were ruining the flowers. It’s so important to leave our locations better than we found them and be as respectful as possible! I grew up hiking in this location and it’s so special to me! I hope with time this location will continue to flourish and heal! If we treat our locations right we’ll be able to enjoy them longer and more freely! Anyways, I love these two so much!! Enjoy all these fun wildflower pics!!

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