Utah Wildflower Engagements // Cole and Mya

Okay first off I just gotta say how much I LOVE these two!! Cole is my cousin and we’re super close! Our parents raised us to be super close with our cousins so Cole is one of my best friends! I totally remember when he first told us (the cousins lol) about Mya and I could just tell that something was different with this one!! When I first met Mya I instantly loved her! Who wouldn’t?! She is SO kind, easy going, bubbly, and perfect for Cole! She loves North Carolina and they’re always wearing Nike’s hahaha match made in heaven. Anyways, I just think Mya is perfect for Cole! I’m SO happy for them!!!

They were hoping for some wildflowers for their engagements and LUCKILY I knew just the spot that was in bloom!! Wildflowers have very small windows so usually when clients ask for them I have to give them sad news because they’re not in bloom. But luckily these two booked their engagements at the perfect time for this spot! It’s one of my all time favs because of the amazing mountains and landscapes!! I’m obsessed with all the photos we got from this session!!!

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