Timeless, earthy, natural presets

The perfect base to get the Earthy, true to color tones for your photography!

What people are saying

Oh my gosh...Ashlyn..I have pretty much given up on presets because I've spent so much money on others & none ever seem to work...but after seeing so many positive reviews I finally decided to give yours a try & I've been sitting here for like 20 minutes editing just blown away at how incredible they are!! Thank you so much! This is the first preset purchase I've made that I have zero regrets about!!

Snell Photo & Film

"For the first time in years I purchased presets! For over 3 years I've used my own preset, so I don't really know why I felt a huge push to invest in new presets but it was the BEST decision! I can't believe how incredible these are in every lighting situation. It smooths out so many difficult editing moments and makes my job so easy! 

I HIGHLY recommend ASP Presets to anyone! The tones are blowing me away.

Nikki Johnson

I want to thank you SOOO much! Honestly almost cried tears of joy last night, your presets are game changing!! I have never been able to find presets that I like even half as much as yours and have always had to edit in Photoshop to achieve the true to life but earthy vibes. I was up half the night trying them out on so many different session types with different colors and light and I was able to make it work for all of them and they all could flow together so well. Seriously THANK YOU!

Honey and Pine Photography

Just wanted to message you and say THANK YOU for sharing your presets! I've been a huge fan of your work for some time now, and I am SO pleased with your presets. I've spent hundreds of dollars over the years, and yours are by FAR my favorite! I actually was 95% of the way finished with editing a wedding gallery, bought your presets last week, and spent the last few days completely re-editing the gallery with your presets because I loved it so much better! They're SO creamy, true-toned, and warm! Thank you again for sharing them with the world! I'm so grateful!!

Alissa Marie Photography


AS Preset 1



This preset is the main one I use for most well lit shoots! It's overall warm and earthy.

AS preset 2



This preset is very similar to AS preset 1, just slightly cooler/more neutral for shoots that aren't quite as warm!

AS preset 3



This preset is for Low light & blue hour situations where you need to bring brightness and earthy colors back to the photo!

AS preset 4



This preset is my Golden hour preset! Use it when you've captured that golden hour glow in your photos!

AS preset 5



This preset is my Black and White preset! It's soft but still contrasted with very very slight sepia tones to it for that storytelling feel!


These can't be bought or downloaded on a phone! You need to get on a computer!

Disclaimer: I will not edit any raws before purchase. That's not something I can do now that the presets are released. Thank you for understanding!